Samsung Photo Recovery – How to Undelete Lost or

Deleted Pictures and Videos from Samsung

Digital Camera and Smart Phone?

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    Note: the image recovery tools introduced in this article can only recover lost pictures and video files from external memory cards of smart phones or digital cameras. If you want to recover lost photos, videos, messages, contacts, documents and other files from the internal memory of Android smart phones or tablets, you need professional Android Data Recovery tools.


    Carelessly deleted precious pictures and video files from your Samsung digital camera or camcorder? Accidentally formatted memory card (Micro-SD card) of your Samsung phone and all multimedia files were gone? Is it possible to recover these lost digital photos and video files from Samsung digital camera or smart phone? Definitely YES! The missing multimedia data is still in the memory card of your digital camera or mobile phone. With Samsung Picture rescue tool, you can restore the lost photos, videos, movies, music and other media files safely and quickly!


    This Samsung Photo Recovery software not only restores files from Samsung smart phone, but also retrieves them from Samsung digital camera. It can recover a variety of file formats, not only pictures, but also movies and music files. Unlike many other Samsung recovery tools, this program is really easy to use! With only several clicks, you can get back all your lost or accidentally deleted multimedia files. This Samsung images restore program have two versions. One is for Windows users and another is for Mac users.


    Last month, my family and I went to Dubai. There, we toured the tallest building Burj Dubai, the biggest shopping mall, the world's most beautiful man-made island and more. During the journey, I took a lot of beautiful pictures and videos with my Samsung digital camera. Back at the hotel, I can not wait to transfer these amazing photos and videos to my computer in order to upload them to Facebook and share my travel experiences with my friends. However, due to the wrong operation, I carelessly formatted the memory card of my Samsung digital camera. All images and videos all gone! Oh, my God! How can I do? Fortunately, I found this Samsung picture recovery site via Google. Thank you for this powerful and professional Samsung photo recovery program, it helped me recover all the lost pictures and video files from my Samsung digital camera. Thank you very much!

    - Nicholas Hill, CA USA, 2013

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Samsung Photo Recovery for Windows


Language: English, French (Français), German (Deutsch), Spanish (español), Italian (italiano), Dutch (Nederlandse)

Supported OS:  Windows 10/8/7/Vista/XP/2003/2000/NT


Free Download(for Windows Users ONLY)

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Samsung Photo Recovery for Mac


Language: English, French (Français), German (Deutsch), Spanish (español), Italian (italiano), Dutch (Nederlandse)

Supported OS:  macOS Sierra 10.12, 10.11, 10.10, 10.9,10.8,10.7 & 10.6


Free Download(for Mac OS X Users ONLY)

Why Lost Pictures and Videos Can be Recovered?

In PC or Mac machine, there is a recycle bin or trash. Deleted files are placed there. Once accidentally erased, you can restore them from the recycle bin or trash. However, in portable electronic devices, such as Samsung digital camera or smart phone, there is no so-called trash. Once you delete a file, it disappeared! Where did the lost file go? Can we retrieve lost files from Samsung equipment? In order to clarify this question, we first need to understand the principles of data recovery.


Generally speaking, pictures or videos taken by Samsung digital camera or cell phone are stored on the memory card. All these files are organized by a so-called “File System” and stored on the memory card (SD card) in an orderly manner. “File System” records where files stored, when they saved, how they organized and other file information. Samsung devices read or write the data via the “File System”. When a user deletes a file, the operating system will delete the related information (from the File System) of the file, while the “real data” of this file was retained (intact). Samsung Data Recovery software can scan your Samsung device (or memory card) with a special algorithm, seek the “real data” of the delete files and get them back to your life.


However, it should be reminded that, once a file is removed, it is no longer protected by the operating system of the device. That is, the deleted file may be overwritten by other files at any time. Note: overwritten files can not be recovered! Therefore, once you lost your pictures or videos, you’d better stop taking pictures or shooting videos with your Samsung Android phone or Samsung digital camera. I suggest you power off the Samsung digitals, and take out the memory card of the Samsung digital products immediately. Once you use your Samsung phone or digital camera to take pictures or shoot movies, the new images or videos will overwrite the old ones. And this could rapidly reduce the possibility of rescuing your lost files.

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Tutorials - How to Perform Samsung Image Recovery on Windows and Mac OS X?

Samsung users can download and install the proper version of Samsung file recovery program according to the operation system of their computer. And there are two guides of the software, one for Windows users and another for Mac users. Both of the two versions are very easy to use. Read more here:


Tutorial of Samsung Photo Recovery for Windows

Tutorial of Samsung Photo Recovery for Mac