FAQ of Samsung Photo Recovery

I formatted the memory card of my Samsung Galaxy phone one month ago. Do I still have the chance to get them back again?

It is never too late to recover them unless they were replaced by new files. In other words, the possibility of successful recovery is nothing to do with the time.


Can this Samsung photo recovery software recover videos or music files?

Definitely Yes! All kind of multimedia files such as images, movies and music files can be restored by this comprehensive Samsung recovery program.


How much time will it cost to scan my lost pictures?

It will cost few minutes to hours according to the size of the memory card capacity.



I’m a computer beginner. Is it very difficult to perform this Samsung data recovery software?

In fact, this is a easy-to-use Samsung photo recovery program. With only several clicks, you can get back your lost pictures. Read more here:

Guide of Samsung Recovery for Windows

Guide of Samsung Recovery for Mac


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